The Dalton Academy Slogan? “If it’s not gay, it’s not okay.”

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Woo! BIG NEWS! We’re performing in the @1027KIISFM #WangoTango Village on May 10th at StubHub Center! Head to keyword: Wango for tickets!


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Just heard on the radio that Kelly Clarkson fired her entire band. She really is ‘Miss Independent’.

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Vancouver rain

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Watch as the Riker Lynch deliberately applies his deodorant. x 

I want to touch it. 

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What I gather from this is that Riker really loves sugar…and looks super adorable when he gets it. 

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rikersgal replied to your post: Is anyone else seeing their own accoun…

Yes, mine has been doing that for a few days

SO it’s not just me! \o/

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rikstaisreal replied to your post: (usually) The only thing that leaves y…

OMG! yes! From the meet & greet photos! I have been wondering about that too!

I think it’s zit cream, because it tends to do that. 

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"Just remember, there’s so many great things in life. You just have to remember to smile. You know, listen to a good song or think of a good memory. Everything is worth it. No matter how bad anything gets. Just always smile."

— Riker Lynch (via gaywarlock)
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