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Please do!

Woo! Let’s go!

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Things are lookin uUUUUP

Hopefully when I wake up someone will have downloads for those of us who don’t have itunes. 

cuuutE! Still full of Riker so it’s all good (;

Of course! xD hehe I can’t ever not have it full of Riker

rikersgal asked, "Once you get this you have to say five nice things about yourself publicly and then send to ten of your favorite followers :)"
  • I think I’m creative
  • I’m trying to be more confident 
  • I love music
  • I love fashion
  • I make a mean batch of brownies!

holdinghandsintheend asked, "Love the layout! And I agree with everything you said about Things Are Looking Up. I looooove it. Happy songs with fun music are always the way to my heart. The others are so good though too."

Aw yay! 

Omg this! <3 I’m totally going to have this song stuck in my head. 

New layout! What do you think? :)


I mean yeah. What do you think was your favorite?! I’m really stuck. I love them all a lot! But I’m really digging Things Are Looking Up because it just sounds like such a fun summer song!!

ugh I love them all but I love Things Are Looking Up the most. We need more fun and happy music that’s not  ’someone dumped me, life sucks, lemme drink my troubles away’. I just love how happy and upbeat it is. It reminds me of like a sunny day at the beach. 

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